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The BPSC is expected to fulfil the following key roles.

1. To provide senior executives with relevant leadership skills and competencies.

2. To provide public service with relevant public administration skills and competencies.

3. To provide public service capacity to effectively implement government reforms

4. To promote public service values and culture of excellence.

5. To provide relevant and practical research and professional services.

BPSC Organisational Structure

1. CEO Office

2. Center for leadership Development(CLD)

3. Center for Public Administration and Management(CPAM)

4. Center for Organisational Excellence(COE)

5. Corporate Services Department(CSD)

    Centre for Leadership Development

The target audience of CLD will be he senior Goernment Officials(E grades and above). The key offerings of CLD will be the following:

a. Carrer Milestone Programmes – These are mandatory programmes developed for different levels of senior officers which they will attend at key stages of their career. These programmes are designed to equip senior officers with relevent knowledge and skills at different levels, help them gain a better understanding of issues in the government and ancourage them to network with their peers.

b. Leadership Enrichment programmes – These are mostly short-term, ad-hoc programmes which need specific needs or competency gaps of the senior leaders. They can include topics such as Leadership and Managerial skills, Public Governance and Leadership, Policy development, Strategic Planning, HR Management, Financial Management, Public Communication, Crisis Management, Knowledge Management, Organisation Development,etc.

c. Policy Forums- These forums are organised for internal policy debates and sharing of perspectives in the policy making process within the government.

d. Talks and Seminars – These sessions can be organised with external speakers to help senior officials keep pace with global delopment and trends. Apart from that, having international renowned speakers to come to BCSC and share their experiences will also help to profile the college.

    Centre for Public Administration &  Management

The target audience will be all the other levels of Public Officers (D grades and below). Thse are the suggested units within CPAM that will deliver training programmes within their areas of expertise

a. Human Resource Development Unit – This Unit will focus on training programmes in the areas of manpower planning, recruitment, personnel testing, assessment, promotion, deployment, training and development, counselling, performance management, labour laws, personnel administration, etc.

b. Productivity Development Unit – This Unit will focus on training programmes in the areas of WITS, ICT, Total Quality Management, performance standards, public opinion surveys, customer feedback, etc.

c. Corporate Cupport Development Unit – This Unit will focus on training programmes in areas of budget planning, financial management and monitoring, audit, procurement, supply management, office support and record keeping, etc.

    Centre for Organisational Excellence

Instead of individual public officer, the Centre will focus on Public Sector Organisations. It can perform 3 main functions to help public sector organisations in Botswana to achieve excellence.

a. Research – This function focuses on the conduct of practical research on new approaches and best practices in management and organisational excellence.  Research can also be conducted to support the government reform agenda.

b. Knowledge Respository – The repository, when established, will serve to facilitate knowledge sharing and disseminaiton of good practices and norms in the public sector.  It will help agencies learn quickly from one another without reinventing the wheel.  The repository, once fully developed, will be a very useful source of knowledge for the BCSC management consultants.

c. Advisory Services – This involves the provision of professional advisory services to public sector organisations by BCSC management consultants.  Their main role is to assist the public service agencies to carry out their reforms agenda, and help them work towards better service delivery.  We suggest that this service can be fully introduced at a later stage

    Corporate Services Department

The Corporate Services Dpartment will house units handling corporate functions such as Finance, Human Resources, IT, Public Relations and Marketing, and Administration.

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