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Conferences, Seminars

Conferences, seminars, events and symposia for professional development are coordinated by the College to encourage research on managerial and leadership practices as input to design of training. 

BPSC OnGoing Projects

1.Outreach programmes.

Outreach programmes enable the College to provide services across the country. A programme in Creativity, Innovation and Facilitation Skills to the Ministry of Local Government has being delivered. More and more programmes are planned to be delivered in different Ministry across the country

2.Quality Assurance (ISO 9001)

A framework for Quality Management Systems has been developed. Quality standards required for managing systems and processes were benchmarked, in Botswana and Singapore.  A team of officers was sent for training and the development of the quality assurance manual is ongoing.

3.Public Service Training on E-Government

Singapore Civil Service College has partnered with BPSC to train IT officers on E-government.  Already 60 IT officers across government have been trained in this regard.

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