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The Directorate Of Public Service Management (DPSM) invites all un employed graduates (citizens only) to register using the form provided below. The purpose of the exercise is to create a database of un employed graduates in order to provide Government with reliable information for decision making and recruitment purposes.

N.B. Your Registration does not guarantee that you will be employed.

Steps to follow in filling the registration form.

    1. Fill in all the fields.

    2. Verify the entries once again.

    3. Click on the submit button.

    4. Wait for the acknowledgement message.

The information you provide will be shared with Government Ministries for purposes of facilitating recruitment for Government. Should you have any doubts relating to the information you have provided please feel free to contact the following:

Tel: (+267) 3622779

Tel: (+267) 3622835

Tel: (+267)3622701

Tel: (+267)3622702
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